3-12 [Still beeping in Indonesia]: Spy operation was continued even after going to Indonesia

I had decided to leave but had no idea where to go. I preferred a place directly accessible from Hong Kong with unnecessary to take a visa. If it was necessary or at least to take one at the airport, I might have been kicked out there to go back to Japan.


There were about fifteen cities matching to this category, and then, I excluded any capitals as the main city was well protected by their own intelligence officers, but also filled with many spies as well. I would like to avoid a confrontation with them, whose screening resulted in several cities, the majority located in Indonesia. I had never been to Indonesia, hence I thought it was a good opportunity for me to visit there.


It was also the next to Singapore, meaning I could jump on the next available opportunity once it became open. My priority was to leave Hong Kong, which should have given a chance to take a breath. When staying Hong Kong more, my mental might have been worsened, but moreover, they should have attempted the next assassination sooner or later.


Once decided the next destination, I left Hong Kong quickly, though the situation was not that improved. A while after entering the hotel room, the beep sound started to reflect in the room. It had kept continued for all night long, I was so tired mentally and physically until the next morning.


In the morning, I went out of the room to eat a breakfast, seeing several spooky men surrounding the small table. They were apparently spies, but their intention was an intimidation to show up in that way.


Eventually, I gave up all the bookings and decided moving to the next place, as their harassment was so successful. However, the next step should have been tricky as it was necessary to consider several pros and cons. My initial take was to stay at the hotel owned locally, which might halt a collaboration with the intelligence community.


In the reality, its plot was turned out to be useless. The situation was not totally changed and I still heard a severe beeping in the room. The issue was the environment where the spy could easily run their operation.


Then, I hit upon an idea to move to a smaller island. They were able to employ local outlaws when staying at the big city, as there were a plenty of people including baddies. At the same time, the spy had constructed their own network even in the second city, but I could have gotten away from this situation when hopping to the smaller island.


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