3-11 [Decided to leave Hong Kong again]: I should be killed if decided to stay longer

I had believed the investigation and torture should be halted when the deadline was passed, but the reality was contrary that it was escalated more. They have always lied about the time limit to raise my expectation for creating a despair later on when it was turned out to be faked. They have continued this methodology on and on, as there were limited choices to take because there has been nothing to prosecute me.


The noise from the upper room became louder to deprive my sleep. I more or less lived in the hallucination with other numerous spy operation.


There have been many types of the operation and I had an experience to fall down with unknown cause in those days. When I waited for a taxi, I came to lose my conscious and could not stand still at that spot. I felt the same feeling in the past, though it was so extreme on that day.


I could not breathe nor stand, which can be explained as an extreme sleepy, but it was more like a rope tightening around my head. The only I could do was to crouch down to endure it, which continued for several minutes while I tried to breathe normal under nearly fainted.


I have already known that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave. This pain was out of normal and we could not do anything at all. In the past, I thought it was created by alcohol as its symptom just appeared while drinking. I had thought I became older to be more affected by it, causing a drowsiness.


However, I assumed it was drugged by the spy on that day in Hong Kong, as I had not drunk that much and I had poisoned by them for several times as well, more than just drugged.


The truth is that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave, which occurs even when you are not drunk. You come to lose your conscious under this radiowave, though it had not occurred while I was sober until my realization of the electromagnetic capability.


The alcohol is not an essential issue, though this effect is enhanced when you take it inside your body system, which aggravates a pain to the extreme. I knew some of them passed out due to this wave and even killed eventually.


I started to think about leaving Hong Kong sooner after that event. I thought I would be killed easily when staying there more.


Although, there was no job available in Singapore, therefore I decided to leave there at first, to spend some time in other countries until the issue is settled. In this direction, it was appropriate to go to other countries in the Southeast Asia.


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