3-174 [No place to hide]: I am a witness of the organizational intelligence misconducts, therefore targeted anywhere

The electromagnetic wave operation has been opaquely conducted since the end of March in 2013, though it did not work, which contrarily gave me a chance to capture the whole picture of the real issue of this operation.


The radiowave functionality was always related to the fundamental issue, but it was not the main subject. The central problem has been a political trait of the perpetrators who has pursued to turn the government as a revolution to avail the electromagnetic wave capability. That was why they have assassinated many politicians and manipulated them or the general public.


I finally captured an outlook of this problem, but there are still many details to be researched and to be reinforced by the evidence. It was not just an evidence of the crime which the police department has conducted, as I have an enough information to win at the justice system against the government and police. I could sue them if necessary.


The real issue was not just about me, but who has been demolishing the Japanese society. I knew them but I had not had an enough evidence to prove their involvement in the legal court. However, I can demonstrate them with my knowledge that they are related to the crime to sabotage the Japanese society.


These two issues are interrelated as the ranking officers who destroyed the Japanese society in the 2000s were the same teams to have attacked me since the early 1990s. They advanced their career eventually to control the overall police department.


It might be a result of the coincidence, but actually, they have used their electromagnetic wave capability against the politics as well as against me. They actually sent their rival ranking officers to the hospital, eventually retired, to take over the authority of police department. This same technology was used to turn the Japanese politics, not just for the manipulation but for the assassination as well.


They have also attempted to kill me many times for decades, as I was one of the witnesses of their illegal operations, whose revelation might have led to the total exposure of their conducts to have demolished the Japanese society.


They had worried of the whole issues I had disclosed here and other problems which I did not write down yet. That was partially the reason why they managed to render me harmless at whatever costs, even including an opaque assassination.


I came to capture the whole outlook of their unforgivable operation at that time in the summer of 2013, which made me assume that their operation cannot be halted as their illegal operation was too extreme to be known to the public.


They always said to me that the operation would halt soon, but it cannot have been true, as their only leftover option was to eliminate me physically, which has been their purpose for several years.


The CIA was involved in this operation from the beginning as they also needed to hide something from the public. After fully realizing what they did to the American people, I came to a conclusion that there was nowhere to hide out as I was a witness of that operation as well.


Then, I had decided to come back to Japan permanently to fight back until kicking out all the traitors in the Japanese police intelligence and in the CIA, as there should be some politicians to punish them in the end.


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