3-175 [Moving to new place]: I decided to settle down, as there was no expectation to be completed soon

I had traveled around for nearly a year, as I thought this operation should have ended sooner rather than later as it was perceived as a part of the criminal investigation which I did not commit. However, I came to realize that there was no immediate termination and had decided to settle down somewhere I was familiar with.


It was what I thought at that time, but actually, my whole thought was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave. They spent many days to persuade me through the wave, and when this was the case, it was quite difficult to tell how I was maneuvered by them. However, they actually succeeded to drive me to their planned destination in the end, where they had prepared another critical operation.


I drove around Hokkaido and there were many people worrying about me, as not all the people were savage like the spy traitors. My travel was so far-flung that the Japanese police intelligence compelled a cooperation of the local people suddenly, which was failed sometimes to reveal an existence of their illegal conducts as the local did not want to support an unlawful operation.


There were many perpetrators I saw in those days, but the most problematic was a severe attack from the police department. I traveled from the southwest end of Japan to the northeast end, though they had prepared illegal operation anywhere even in the small remote islands.


The operation became more dangerous in Hokkaido, as they started to use an electromagnetic wave opaquely, which was also availed in the remote islands. It indicated that their operational capability was so advanced that all of us were victims of this illegal and manipulative functionality.


It is not necessarily me to write down the electromagnetic wave functionality like this, though it is absolutely necessary to raise the voice alarming this danger to our modern world.


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