3-176 [The last Hong Kong]: I was back to Hong Kong to pack all my belongings sent to Japan

I came back to Hong Kong for the permanent move to Japan. I ran away from my apartment in the spring of 2012 and occasionally came back to the place, though this was the last time I would stay there.


There were assassination attempts and tortures in this room so that I had never thought I could live in, though I left my belongings there until settling my future direction. Those were the only reason I should have come back to Hong Kong.


I had decided where to stay in Japan until then, though my original plan was to stay at the monthly residence to see how the torture proceeded, hence all of my belongings were sent to the warehouse until the next step.


I had no reason to stay longer in Hong Kong, as it was just for the move, but I only could book the mover two weeks ahead. I completed necessary paper works in the first two days, and then, there was nothing to do just waiting for the end.


I had no intention to meet anyone as it was quite apparent that the CIA and Chinese intelligence would intervene any meetings. I just had decided to spend the last days in Hong Kong quietly.


I walked to the city center sometimes at the beginning, as I was accustomed to the assassinations and tortures so that I was not so frightened anymore to walk around. Actually, I was not a subject of the assaults anymore in Hong Kong.


One day, I saw one of my colleague in the financial industry in the small alley, who was sent from Japan. I knew why he was there as his analysis was crucial to some critical issues, though I did not mention it vocally, but just discussed directly through the brain.


This was another confirmation that they could read my brain through the electromagnetic wave. This technology is invisible and they have often manipulated me not to believe there is no such functionality, though I have seen many pieces of evidence its existence outside of my brain.


At the same time, I realized that many people were mobilized by the government to support their activities.


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