3-177 [Torture in Chinese way]: Torture was slightly changed what they conducted in Hokkaido

The torture was continued as usual in Hong Kong, though it was slightly different from the operation in Hokkaido.


The beep sound never stopped during the night and the construction drilling was unbearably loud in the daytime. I would like to close the door, but I would have been suffocated as the spy should fill the carbon dioxide in the room if I had shut down all. It also meant that it was impossible to use the air conditioner, which deprived more sleep in the summer of the subtropical Hong Kong.


I had a physical strength at first to stand but lost my conscious within days. I stopped smoking so that they could not mix a drug into it, which used to be their favorite methodology when I had been in Hong Kong.


However, my conscious still became low driven by the sleepless and headache rather than the downer they used to dope me in the past. A headache was partially triggered by the sleep deprivation, but I felt it was caused by more fundamental origin.


It was also not the same as the pain directly created by the electromagnetic wave, which was actually aggravated by the wave but I felt there was something fundamentally wrong inside my brain. I felt heavy in the head, a different from the acute ache by the radiowave, both of which were mixed up to drive my brain out of normal.


This headache also prevented me from sleeping as well, which damaged also my mental, though I had nothing to do anymore, as I had completed what I should do in the first two days.


I did not go out in those days, but also I could not go out physically. I spent almost all the time in the room as I could sleep if I would like to under this circumstance, which also deprived a sense of the day and night.


This happened quite often when manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, though it was more created by the noise at that time, which prevented me from sleeping to create an unbearable headache. This ache was aggravated by the wave, which lowers my brain function, which was my perception in those days.


You lose your conscious when the drug starts to function if you are drugged by the spy. This fact indicates that the brain lost consciousness in different ways either by the drug or the wave and I could identify often how I was affected.


Although, it was always hard to tell what just happened under the deteriorating consciousness when I just spent a day to do nothing in a state between sleep and awake.


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