3-178 [A small stroke]: Stroke was caused again by the electromagnetic wave

I had a small seizure after my headache continued for several days. I was not sure my sense was perfectly correct, but I felt a blood vessel was broken to flow some amount of blood suddenly in the morning. I felt a fear but I had no idea what to do.


A headache was more aggravated in the night that it ached at some parts of the brain. It was so unique that I felt something passing through my vessels in the brain, completely different from a headache I had experienced previously.


It was not a migraine, but more partial, which did not halt all the time to make me tumble in the bed.


I had already realized that I had several small strokes, though I did not have a headache concurrently. I just lost the eyesight at one of my eyes, saw a strange light or lost a partial control of my arm in the night. I did not realize it was a seizure of the stroke, but I had thought a strange incident happening to me.


It was highly likely caused by the electromagnetic wave, i.e. I was quite sensitive to suffer from the stroke when exposed to a certain type of the wave, though I was happily still alive as the symptom was still mild as I was still young enough. I had already realized the electromagnetic wave could cause this problem until then and the CIA and Japanese police intelligence attempted this functionality against me in the past.


However, I got a headache at that time in Hong Kong, which implied that my symptom was not serious as I got a problem accompanying with an ache, which should be more subtle than my past seizures. Having said that, the pain had continued for many hours, which made me unconscious in the end after several hours of tumbling.


In the next morning, I felt again an unbearable headache, but my body moved normally, implying that there was no permanent damage in my brain. Then, I had decided to flow all the clot from my blood vessel in the brain.


I went to walk up the mountain behind my apartment, which warmed up my muscle to increase a blood flow, eventually cleaning up my vessels, though I could not walk at all once I went out.


My headache was too heavy for me to move so that I had stood at the spot for five minutes, and then got accustomed to the pain after a little while. I restarted to walk to the mountain, eventually spend two hours to the top, almost double of the time I spent usually.


I felt my blood flows normally when I got to the top and lost a sense that something clotted in the brain with the lighter headache.


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