3-179 [Sudden moving]: I was lost so much to realize the last day came earlier than counted

Several days later, the chime suddenly rang and I woke up to realize that the movers came to my place for the moving.


I totally lost a sense of the date when it was after coming to Hong Kong as I was assaulted by the electromagnetic wave and other physical tortures. I thought the moving was supposed to be held in the next day, though the spy could easily control that kind of the minor difference, even if they could not manipulate me deeply.


I immediately noticed that I had just two options, to postpone or to pack them up right then, and also instantly got the answer that there was no way to stay more in Hong Kong, as it was too dangerous for me. Their original purpose was to make me defer the moving for an extended time of the torture, which might have ended up with my death.


Then, I paid some and asked them to wait for half an hour, which gave me a time to pick up necessities for the next few months. I put those into several boxes which were planned sent separately to my next room and others were directly delivered to the warehouse.


I had continued my packing, next to the movers who completed their work early afternoon. I recollected what had happened in this room for a while, but it was no meaning to stay there more, hence I left there for the hotel I booked.


The issue was I totally lost a sense of days and I was not sure my booking was correct, not just for the hotel but for the flight as well.


Furthermore, I needed to send my boxes by mail at first. I originally planned to carry those to the post office at few times as they were too many, but I had no choice anymore so that I placed all of them in the trunk and backseat of the taxi.


However, it was quite hard to bring those into the post office and it looked like I needed to carry each of those for at least a hundred meter to reach the counter. Those were not left unattended, hence I had to run for a long time, as I needed to carry those separately, but made up my mind not to fall any of their traps.


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