3-180 [Terrorist issue]: Terrorist had been unleashed for fifteen years, even though his whereabout was known

After carrying all of the boxes into the post office, I started to talk to someone familiar in the brain.


There have been many people whom I know on the other side of the electromagnetic wave operation, but I could not confirm any one of them at the spot surely. It was just sure that they were involved in the operation, but the spies could deceive easily at least for a short period of time, which was why I could not confirm them at the spot.


The guy I talked at that time was an undercover agent of the Japanese police intelligence. It was basically illegal to disguise a true identity of the police officer for the investigation, though the undercover has really existed in Japan.


He was a member of the covert operation in those days, which was quite critical to the Japanese society and which was used to frame me as a terrorist to make me close to the real terrorist fugitive.


I talked to him and got a clue why they had conducted this operation. He said to me that he monitored this terrorist as the police would later arrest this criminal later on.


Just in case, this was a conversation directly through the brains, hence it is quite hard to confirm this authenticity. However, I knew both a monitor and a criminal, and I am pretty much sure the monitor was quite honest, a good person. That was a part of the reason why I had already realized that there was a large probability that he was an undercover police officer.


That was why I believed he was said by his commander that this criminal would be arrested later on. In the end, this criminal turned in by himself, though it was thirteen years after that.


Later on that day, one of the police ranking officers was interrogated to be involved in this case. His claim at that time was that this criminal had been monitored but just unleashed for fifteen years, eventually.


Then, I realized their claim was just wrong as they had kept him at large for nearly seventeen years, which implied that he hid something still. This two-year difference was too critical that there was a big lie behind.


Those conversations were just conducted through the brains and there is a problem of the authenticity, as said. However, it was a fact that this terrorist had been at large for seventeen years and the Japanese police intelligence had manipulated me to work together with this terrorist. Just in case, it was a construction job, not a terrorist activity, but the police framed me as one of the related.


This operation apparently used an electromagnetic wave so that I was entrapped by the same team which has been conducting the radiowave operation for more than twenty years.


It was categorized as a crime not to arrest the terrorist whose whereabout had been known to the police for more than decades. It basically implied that there was a reason not to arrest him, as his capture should have triggered another revelation of their illegal operations.


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