3-181 [Moving into the trap]: I moved to the city where the Japanese police intelligence prepared to eliminate me

I was finally back to Japan permanently and felt that I would not go back to Hong Kong, as all my belongings were also sent home as well.


I had not decided where to live, but for the time being, I was going to stay at the apartment for monthly rented. At that time, I still had a hope that this illegal operation could have halted soon and I would not have stayed there for long.


However, it was actually set up by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, preemptively. I had thought of the plan to come over to this city for more than half a year, even when I was in Okinawa, though actually I flew to Hokkaido alternatively.


I was not sure this move was also manipulated or not, but I assumed they failed a brainwash against me, which was why I went to Hokkaido unexpectedly. I had no idea what the truth was, as I sometimes got away from the manipulation, but the spy has also quite successful outmaneuvered me in the end.


In any way, it was absolutely a result of the manipulation for me to move to this new city, as the local police chief was assigned beforehand. He was sent to this place at that time when I started to think to move to.


Moreover, he was not one of the senior officers hired as an executive candidate, but began his career from the local station, which was quite rare for the chief that there were just three of them in the record, two of those were assigned to the covert operation against me after their long career at the police intelligence.


This assignment was finalized on 12 February 2013, which was the first reshuffle of the then director general of the Japanese police, which meant it was organizationally decided by the whole department.


This fact was quite important that the more critical electromagnetic operation was conducted by this local chief, whose assignment was a protective measure as no senior officer from the executive pool should be hurt even if the operation were to be failed.


That means the police had decided to conduct a severe radiowave operation in that February 2013. Its revelation started when I was in Hokkaido in that March, but they had prepared well enough at this new place as well, which was more easily operated as I had a plan to stay at the single location.


This date was also quite crucial as I saw an old man committing a suicide to dive into the sea by his car on that day and there was a spree killer case in Guam on the same day. I seriously started to consider moving out of Okinawa, probably to move to this new place afterwards.


This fact indicates that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were involved in these murders cases at that time to manipulate the subject by the electromagnetic wave.


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