3-217 [Cool down a head]: Your brain works functionally with cooling down even under the electromagnetic wave irradiation

My life became improved fundamentally after cooling my head. In the past, all I could do was to endure but I have canceled out some of the electromagnetic operations to cool down my brain.


It was accidentally found that my headache became too severe to stand so that I naturally cooled down its inflammation. Then, I realized that the brain works more functional under cooling as well as alleviating the pain.


In the general term, we cool down our head at the forehead, which actually keeps our reason effective, almost nearly the same as maintaining the brain normal function.


However, I had often pissed off just by cooling the forehead. I could have managed to contain myself as my reason worked, but then, the aggression and anxiety were more escalated by the wave, which sometimes became out of the reason control.


I did not meet anyone regularly so that my emotion was not transferred to the physical attack, though I came to realize that my aggression could be calm down when cooling my back of the head.


It was also accidentally found. After my reason become more functional, the operatives were not able to control my emotion unless they enhance it to the extreme level. They had often conducted this operation to make me crazy, but one day, my back of the head got heated during their operation. Its sense of heat was so unpleasant that I cooled it down, which actually eliminated my emotional disorder.


In this way, I confirmed how to counter their operation, one by one, with a research how the brain works and how it is affected by the electromagnetic wave. At the same time, I could find out how it works through my real experience after my reason was recovered.


The brainwash is not a result of the simple thought manipulation, but the emotion is also maneuvered at the same time to increase a belief or disbelief. The sense of positive, aggression and anxiety are often maneuvered at the same time, which is a supplement to the brainwashing process. I could detach those emotions after my reason worked properly, which also have given me an opportunity how they conducted their brainwash through the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


I have elucidated how they control our emotion with the wave, such as tiredness or sexual arousal, and I found out the way how to counter their specific radiowave operations, partially in the end.


It was necessary to cool several parts of your head always to live a normal life. After all, I have kept my brain functional with cold packs though I should replace them quite often, many times a day. Moreover, I look quite silly as my brain is more or less wrapped with them, while I have spent more time normally, not just enduring the pain.


These methodologies are still not perfect and there are many symptoms which I have no idea how to counter, such as the heartache. We need to accumulate those remedies for the nullification of the electromagnetic wave operation.


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