3-216 [Adjusting the rhythm of life]: The basic to counter the electromagnetic wave operation

The electromagnetic operation has still continued 24 hours a day, though its influence is lowered comparing to the past. Their operation itself is actually harsher than before, but I have founded a way to counter after settling down as I have got an enough time to make tries and errors. That is why I can write a paper like this.


In this world, there are many people targeted by the electromagnetic operation and there will be more people who will become the subject in the future. If you know an existence of this technology and understand several countermeasures, you might avoid a serious problem, such as conducting a mass murder. Or, you can live your life even under the severe operation.


In my case, the daily life starts from adjusting an adequate rhythm of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system. If you are irradiated with a delta or theta wave, your parasympathetic nerve keeps a dominance even after waking up. It is a result of the synchronization, but you can avoid this phenomenon if your brain is totally shifted to the dominance of the sympathetic nerve system.


There are several ways for the shift, one of which is to take a shower in the morning to functionalize the sympathetic nerve.


I have also availed a muscular exercise. It just requires ten minutes, half of which is spent for the daily stretch, which makes your blood flow better and stabilizes your muscle. The electromagnetic wave can create a subtle pain all over the body, but it is dissipated if you move your body in this way, which implies that the pain might be created by the body waste that is got rid of by the better blood flow.


In any way, if your sympathetic nerve system works properly, you can avoid some of the electromagnetic operations. If your parasympathetic nerve continues a dominance, you are kept under the doze not to do anything at all, even though this irradiation is so simple.


I also take care of the way to work. The brain is not necessarily affected in the same way by the same frequency. For example, your headache is more unbearable after you get tired, which is basically the same without the electromagnetic operation.


Therefore, I try my best to complete a work until my physical and mental is not burnt out. Especially, it is necessary to plan what to do in the morning to spend my limited time more rationally to allocate some of the tasks which does not require a much of brain function later on as I can avoid a brain manipulation more in the morning when my brain is more resilient.


My access to the memory is often prevented by the wave so that I frequently write down the memo, which is functioned as the external memory and I actually use several methodologies to leave the memo.


It is basically impossible to get away from the electromagnetic operation for the time being, therefore it is necessary to counter in a different way under the operation, which starts from a better daily rhythm of the life.


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