3-215 [Manipulation over thought and behavior]: Several methodologies for the manipulation by the radiowave

There are several types of the electromagnetic wave irradiations to make your brain dysfunctional with a headache and paralysis, one of which prevents you from accessing to the long-term memory.


You should lose yourself from this operation. Your reason is constructed by the thought which is buried in the long-term memory, implying that it does not work properly if not accessing to the memory. This operation is functioned more than that it becomes hard for you to recollect the past experience.


I have been a subject of this operation frequently, and at the same time, my access to the short-term memory has been often disturbed as well. This symptom is perfectly the same as anterograde amnesia that I cannot remember the previous thing if I move my focus to the next. It basically means that the same phenomena takes place inside my brain when the operative conducts this type of the irradiation.


My thought is often maneuvered externally. Your memory can be more easily controlled when it is rewritten and revised from the existing one, but the thought manipulation is an operation to create new memory inside your brain, which requires more time for the brainwash.


The twilight learning is one of the special brainwash methodologies. It is possible directly access to the long-term memory from the outside while the REM sleep. This operation is felt like a dream, but it is perceived more real, which is recurred to create a sense of the actual experience.


It is necessary to reassess my memory to avoid this manipulation. The memory created by this operation should be more real and hard to be separated from other memories, but there is definitely a crack of the causality, which gives you a clue that this is not an experience.


These manipulations are methodologies to maneuver the brain, though the absolute target is to control your behavior, such as to commit a crime including mass murders or to conduct an unethical behavior if it is hard to make you a felony.


They have failed many operations against me, which is why I am not a criminal nor an asset of the intelligence organization, as they are still not successful to make my weakness to be taken advantage of.


Having said that, they successfully manipulated my decisions many times in my life. Or more minutely, my behavior had been maneuvered physically by the wave, especially at the time of self-harm.


There are many ways of the manipulation and it is quite difficult to get away from the operation when you become a severe target. The best way is to let it go for the majority of manipulation, as it gives you a mental stabilization, and as far as you keep the law, you are difficult to be eliminated.


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