3-214 [Visceral pain to fall down]: The pain is a result of ultra-long-wave irradiation, but might cause a permanent problem

Other visceral organs ache as well. The heart is the most critical organs in the body, whose dysfunction is more dangerous than others, but it does not mean the malfunction of other organs is safer as a result of the electromagnetic wave.


The wave is capable of creating the pain against almost all of the organs. It is purely painful, but it creates a worry especially when each organ hurts at the very first time. In any case, I have started to identify where the pain comes from.


It is more easily to specify the source when it comes to the upper side of the body. The heart, lung and stomach are easily identified when each of them aches, and the liver is not also hard to be identified as the location is basically unique.


However, it is quite hard to specify the source when the pain comes from the middle of the belly. When I even realize the pain comes from the vowel, but it is hard to tell exactly which it is and where it is from.


These pains are basically instantaneous, though it is kept for a long time as far as the electromagnetic irradiation continues. Adding to this, the pain is caused due to the internal change inside the body, which might be escalated to the real visceral disease.


Therefore, I often observe a detail of my body change, if the new part is hurt by the electromagnetic wave, as I should go to the hospital which is the only way to cure when it causes a permanent problem.


There are many visceral organs ached after settling down here, though I have not been hospitalized yet, while I went to see the doctor many times when I was young, which was also caused by the electromagnetic wave operation. All in all, I came to a conclusion that my body is resilient to the wave.


Having said that, the pain continues as far as the irradiation goes so that it is necessary to endure at least. Once I can confirm it is not escalated into the permanent disease, my anxiety goes out and I can work on the task, though still necessary to bear the pain.


After all, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence are absolutely required to stop this operation, and if not, there are many people suffering from the visceral pains including me. I have confronted them directly several times, but they have never listened, rather continue the operation. For the time being, I have decided to find out what I could do under this situation, not whining for the intelligence insanity.


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