3-213 [Cardiac pain to fall down]: Another lethal electromagnetic operation to cause many deaths

The cardiac pain is the second unbearable to a headache. There are two symptoms created by the electromagnetic wave, for the time being, one of which is a pain felt like strangling the heart. It is basically the same as a heart attack of angina and my life becomes harder just due to the pain with hard to breathe.


When they make me feel tight in the chest at the same time, my anxiety is chemically increased with the whole body. These are basically different controls with distinctive frequencies, but these mixtures enhance a depressive emotion, which is another source to prevent me from the normal life.


The other critical symptom is a change of the heartbeats, which also affects my behavior with increasing the anxiety. It is naturally worrisome as my heartbeat is actually accelerated even though I have fully realized it is caused by the wave. When I did not realize it is maneuvered by the radiowave, I thought I eventually spent the life to fight with the cardiac disease after it became more severe.


These symptoms are fundamentally caused by a control over the cardiac muscle with the electromagnetic wave. More precisely saying, there are many cells above the heart for its control, which is maneuvered by the wave.


It looks like the wave is not capable of stopping the heart directly for a long time, as I have never experienced it. Having said that, there are many people dying from this electromagnetic wave control to the heart when it creates a seizure of the cardiac infarction or an irregular pulse. It depends on the individuality and if you are sensitive to the electromagnetic wave irradiation, you are more prone to cause a seizure to the death.


At first, I was so perplexed as it was painful to live even after I fully realized it was caused by the electromagnetic wave operation. Although, it is essentially different from a headache which makes me hard to conduct a work to use the brain, which is not the case for the heartache.


I sometimes crouch down from unbearable dysfunction of my heart, but I can work on the daily task once accustomed, though it definitely costs me more time to do. I can write like this as far as I am alive and as far as realizing it is caused by the wave, the fear is lowered as there is nothing wrong with my heart, naturally.


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