3-212 [Headache to fall down]: Several types of headaches caused by the electromagnetic wave operation

I have often fallen down by a headache since then for years. Precisely saying, I do not fall down with a seizure, but I could not stand with my pain and lay down to lose a consciousness. I had been a subject of this operation until then, but it became harsher after settling down to this place.


There are several types of a headache, one of the severest is a pain concurrent with the eye ache. It is so serious that I could not do anything at all under this ache, as I would avoid using eyes due to the pain as well as an unbearable headache. I still have this headache a few times a month, which has always continued for several days.


In the beginning, I just suffered from a headache, but I came to understand there is a difference of the pains and their effects, eventually.


It is sometimes accompanied with the tiredness or sometimes with the drowsiness, or the brain function is lowered with the paralyzed headache. The pain from those headaches are not serious even though bothering enough, but it is more problematic that the brain function is selectively lowered by these pains, which bothers the normal life more.


These headaches are essentially instantaneous, not creating a permanent problem, but the irradiation is not stopped instantaneously so that the pain continues for some time.


On the other hand, the sleepless also creates a headache which is quite normal, but it is also escalated to the unbearable level by the electromagnetic irradiation. The outcome is basically the same that you cannot do anything at all, even though a source of the pain is created internally in the brain.


Furthermore, this sleepless can be caused by the electromagnetic wave operation, so that it is more complicated but all fully created just by the wave.


I have spent the most of the time at my home, meaning all of the symptoms occurred inside the room, but it would happen the outside as well. At one period of time, I felt a headache with a dizziness to fall down during the biking exercise. It was accompanied with dizziness, less likely occurred during the biking, implying it was definitely created outside of my brain.


I was so angry with my situation to run with the pain so that I eventually decided to stop the bike and fell down on the street. This behavior threatened the operatives that it revealed a harshness of their operation, therefore they stopped this type of the headache outside. This was also a proof that this operation was conducted by the government authority.


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