3-211 [Manipulated assault]: Aggressive emotion can be controlled by the radiowave, though requiring more to lead the targetted outcome

If the anger is escalated rather than the despair as a result of the intelligence operation, it urges you to attack the subject whom the spy often manipulates you to believe as an enemy. In my case, it was directly the Japanese police intelligence and I was brainwashed to assault their local headquarter with an escalation of the anger against them.


Generally speaking, the anger is a complicated emotion, as it always requires a target to be angry with, indicating that it is not established just by the feeling.


It is based on the emotion of aggression, though it is just a pure sentiment to attack irrelevantly. This is a result of the chemical change in your brain, therefore your aggression is escalated just by the electromagnetic wave irradiation.


When you have a material target for this aggression, it is realized as an anger, which also might trigger an assaultive behavior. In my case, the aggression was intensified to escalate an anger against the police intelligence by the radiowave operation.


Unless you have a concrete target at the time when your aggression is escalated by the wave, you just feel an impulsion to hit someone or something.


In those days, I had no idea what was going on, but I could recognize this emotion of aggression detachedly in the end. In the normal situation, this kind of the primary emotions is accompanied with the perception against the subject, hence it is quite difficult to be separated out.


I have been manipulated just to enhance the aggression by the wave for years and I have captured how this emotional change occurs in my brain, hence I came to grasp these directional emotions separately in the end.


In the general case, you feel discontent with a subject, which is transferred to the anger with an escalation of the aggressive emotion. This aggression is a stress to attack, though there are many other perspectives and emotions created concurrently, therefore it is hard to be recognized detachedly.


In the case of electromagnetic wave operation, the operative can purely intensify this aggressive emotion, and then, they need to lead this emotion to the specific target. This mental process is fundamentally different from the normal cerebral process.


That is why it is necessary to contain this escalated aggression in a different way from the normal situation, one of which is to avert the attention from others surrounding you. If you are irritated by someone or something when the aggression is escalated by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, your emotion should direct toward this specific target. If you avert your eyes or ears from the target, you can avoid an irritation originally.


This emotional control is also capable of creating an impulsive murder. My reason has been working so that I was not manipulated deeply as such, but if I had not realized an existence of this operation, I might have easily conducted a battery, at least.


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