3-218 [To contain an aggression]: You can avoid a manipulative assault when controlling an aggressive emotion

My life was dramatically changed after finding out to cool down the back of my head, which was necessary to contain my aggression and anxiety, but also it appeared as the behavioral change.


My self-harm was nearly eliminated as it was also an extension of the aggression which was directed toward myself. The aggressive emotion was not escalated by cooling down the back of head and there was no urge to harm myself any more. This behavior was partially required to stress out my aggression toward myself, for not targeting others, but its necessity was also gone. As a result, my bruise and swelling were also gone from my face and body.


I also came to counter the brainwash to assault others. The electromagnetic wave can enhance the aggression, which is a pure emotion to attack or hit. It is necessary for the operative to brainwash the subject to attack the specific target by way of the thought manipulation.


There are basically two different electromagnetic operations; affecting the thought and the emotion. The brainwash is eventually to make the subject to assault others, as they escalate the aggressive emotion, which also means that you cannot attack anyone if your aggression is not enhanced. This is what the intelligence organizations have availed to manipulate their subject to commit a felony including a mass murder, though this operation is nullified by cooling down the back of head.


However, it is not easy to cool down that part as it is so conspicuous when we go out. For the time being, I have cooled down my head with winding a neck cooler with a cold pack around my head, which was too standing out if treating in the same way in front of the general public and it is nearly impossible to go out.


It might be plausible if the government makes the electromagnetic wave operation public, but it is not the case now, which means I became a dangerous person apparently to the society.


As a result, this cooling is only capable inside the house, which means that my aggression is sometimes enhanced outside the house to trigger a paranoia to assault others. In the most of those cases, the aggression was just enhanced and I had no specific target in my mind, though there was always a risk that I might have attacked someone if I fixed my target accidentally.


In my case, I could also identify this aggressive emotion purely without any thoughts and targets after analyzing how the brain works, therefore I could contain my aggression not to be transferred to the real action.


The pure aggression always requires a specific target to be triggered as the behavior, which means when I avoid anyone to be seen in eyes, I cannot make any target.


Just in case, this methodology, cooling down back of your head, should work for the pathological emotional disorder, as the brain functions basically in the same way as this electromagnetic wave operation. If the disorder is more driven by the stress explosion of aggression and anxiety, this cooling fundamentally contains a problematic behavior.


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