3-219 [Introduction of music]: Sleep-inducing music is quite helpful to counter the depriving operation

It had been quite limited to listen to the music, as I could not use an earphone while driving, and also, it would have deprived more sleep as it stimulated my sympathetic nerve.


I had used my Walkman without sound during the night as there had been a noise from adjacent rooms, which could be lowered by the noise canceling system, though it has just continued for thirty minutes. Its function is effective as far as the music continues, but if not, it is just kept for another half an hour.


If I could not sleep during this window of time, I needed to reboot it, which was somehow strenuous. Furthermore, I could not shut down all the noise just by the noise canceling system, if it was used without any sound.


With a long consideration after settling down, I had decided to purchase a sleep-inducing music. I had already started to study a brainwave until then and I had recognized that it creates a different type of brainwaves during the sleeping. The soundwave and electromagnetic wave are not the same, but I fully realized that the sound can create a certain state of the brainwave.


That is a methodology of the biofeedback and there is definitely a music empirically confirmed to induce a better state for the sleeping, not to stimulate the sympathetic nerve.


I have actually availed this type of the music since then, which is quite worthwhile to induce a sleep, but moreover, quite effective to shut the noise out as there is a sound originally.


The noise canceling system of Walkman has another advantage that I can lower the volume as low as possible, which also protects my ears from a pathological trouble from the loudness.


Then, I was eventually able to sleep with these effects. Even though I was woken up by the operatives every day during the night, but it used to be hard to sleep in the past, especially after waking up like this due to the noise. This situation has been tremendously improved since the introduction of this sleep-inducing music.


I have chosen to listen to the music just by the instrument during the daytime, as the word stimulates my speech area of my brain. If listening to the music with lyrics, I might have been occupied by the words especially when my concentration was lowered. On the other hand, I can allocate my logical thinking to another task when listening to an instrumental music.


The music has been absolutely necessary as there has been a noise during the daytime as well, which can be reduced by another sound.


When I hear the noise, it increases my stress led to the aggressive emotion, rather than losing my concentration, which is also a result of the electromagnetic wave operation. Then, my aggression should have targeted the operative to conduct this operation, though it was useless as they had never stopped it. However, after canceling out the noise and cooling down my head, I could contain these types of the manipulation, fundamentally.


In this way, I managed to find out how to counter their operation and to take my life back.


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