3-220 [Understating of the law]: The commentary is enough to save you from the intelligence trap

It is necessary to understand the law to counter their operation, which is actually not so strenuous as imagined. If you become a subject of the intelligence antipersonnel operation, your understanding of the law is quite critical, as the spy has often run a plot to instigate you to commit an illegal action.


They would like to lead you out of the legal protection as a result of the manipulation, which is well planned not to realize at what point you start to conduct an illegal behavior. You can avoid this instigation when you have a basic understanding of the related laws. At least, you better grasp the basic of them concerning of your job, as it is quite easy for them to trap you if you have no idea what is legal or illegal.


Nowadays, the ordinary people have become a subject of the intelligence antipersonnel operation, as their interest has been expanded to the economic realm. This situation won’t change easily and you better prepare yourself not to be trapped by their sting operation. One of the countermeasures is to read the law, as you are likely to be hired as an asset when breaching the law.


I recommend to read the law, but it does not mean you need to understand a bunch of articles. It might be too much also to under the precedent, academic interpretation and practical application, even though they are necessary parts of the legal system.


It is enough to read an easy commentary of the law, and if necessary, it should be the one related to your daily action.


If you are a subject of the police illegal operation, it is necessary to read a book about the criminal procedure, as it gives you an idea what is categorized as an illegal investigation. They cannot continue an action to breach the procedure when you raise the point directly to them.


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