3-167 [Remote control over a horse]: Radiowave is capable of maneuvering a creature from the distance

There were several other options to spend a time in those days, one of which was a horseback riding. I thought it was precious to have a bulk of the free time, which would not have been granted in the future to practice something intensively.


I had ridden horse for several times, though it was different on that day, which was not because I tried it for the first time in many years, but I felt something dangerous.


The horse walked normally at first, but her condition became out of normal in an hour. I was still able to control her, but she could not control herself, impossible to walk straight, and then I realized that the horse was also manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


As a matter of fact, the owner told me that the horse was also a creature, which implied that he might have known that the animal could be maneuvered remotely by the advanced technology.


I had no idea how much he knew at that time, but I got to understand that the horseback riding was not my option to take. There might be a certain influence on the horse when her pain or emotion was controlled by the radiowave, but I had also no idea what would have become of me, accordingly.


Suddenly, I recollected my memory that I was intimated by the cows in Kuroshima, one of the islands in Okinawa. There were more cows than the number of people in that island where I was growled by them when passing by. They were separated in the fence so that I did not care that much, but I totally understood that the cow was also manipulated by the wave.


It was felt actually not strange as I had already realized that the bird was maneuvered by the operatives, though I just did not imagine the fact that many animals could be controlled electromagnetically.


Then, I started to think about the probability that the bear should be maneuvered by the wave. It has an advanced brain, implying that they should be a subject of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. Its aggression can be enhanced by the wave to attack a specific target under the radiowave control.


It meant that the brown bear in Hokkaido was a threat to me, as it was by far bigger than the human being and there was no way to fight back. I saw them tamed in ranch, but had decided not to go deeper into the woods by myself.


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