3-166 [Gold and heartache]: Spy controlled my body during the practice, which created a cause of the pain

I was so frustrated of my life to drive a car around in Hokkaido as I could not get anything at all but just lost a time. It was worthwhile to see and understand something out there, but I would like to acquire something more concrete for the future.


At first, I spent most of the day on skiing, which made me satisfied but it was just for the winter and necessary to find the alternative in the spring. There were several choices but I had decided to play a golf as it could have been continued even if I were on travel.


I started my practice at the driving range and felt like I could manage it so that I bought a golf set to be kept in a trunk of the rented car. In this way, I could have kept my accustomed style with a new trial of the golf.


I spent a month without a problem and started to play at the short course as my skill became good enough. My advancement was quite steady, nearly to reach the level to play at the normal course.


However, they started to sabotage my practice until then, as they highly likely hated my steady level-up. They actually started to control my body during the practice, which was a slight adjustment of my body move, but it was effective enough for me to hit my driver on the ground quite often.


As you know, the floor was made of concrete fundamentally so that it hurt me a lot physically. This ache was exacerbated by the electromagnetic wave as there was a real damage in my muscles, bones and heart, which were ached extremely under the operation.


It was too much and I only fell down on the hotel room and could not sleep due to the ache as far as they irradiated the specific electromagnetic wave. It took a few days to get rid of those aches and they could control a timing of the pains as they wanted.


This was too unbearable that I decided to give up playing a golf, which was one of the examples how to control their subject as they wanted.


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