3-165 [Information gathering under hallucination]: Spy drugged to obscure my consciousness to gather a critical information about the terrorist attack

There was one awful day of the electromagnetic torture that I lost my conscious soon after coming back to the hotel room from the dinner outside.


I thought I was drugged but I could not confirm how it was as I had already stopped smoking and not drank on that day, though pretty much sure the symptom was apparently more than the radiowave manipulation.


My scenery started to spin around, which was a result of my staggering but also because my brain lost equilibrium. I felt entrapped but there was no way out, while the only hope was that I might have been OK eventually as I had already been in the room.


My consciousness became quite low and I began to have a conversation with those who were not spies, but I was quite familiar with. I sometimes talked to the individuals who were not spied directly in the brain through the electromagnetic wave.


There was a possibility that they became an intelligence asset until then, but its probability was low as the covert illegal operation was revealed to many officials and it was quite hard for the CIA to expand their asset base in Japan in those days.


I even had no idea whether they really understood a functionality of the electromagnetic wave at that time or not and there was enough possibility that they had not realized what was going on.


There was another critical issue that the conversation was dominated by the fact-finding related to one of the terrors. I was completely out of mind at that time but at least noticed that they had gathered information of the intelligence misconduct related to the famous terrorist attack.


This state had continued until the next morning as it was quite common that I lost my sleep when they doped me a hallucinogenic drug. Then, I went out the hotel to drive a car to the next destination.


Looking back from now, their purpose on this occasion was purely to gather information of the intelligence conspiracy, not to intimidate me under the hallucination. It was apparent that I could have realized that they looked for an evidence that the CIA made a terrible act if my brain had been totally clear at that time, therefore they put me under the state that I could not tell the truth to hide a true nature of this specific interrogation.


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