3-164 [Profound manipulation]: Spy started to mix up many lies to confuse the truth they confessed beforehand

After losing my control over the electromagnetic conversation, I came to be manipulated more than before. I had been manipulated for a long time untile then, but it had taken more time to maneuver me as they avoided a revelation.


Even when the electromagnetic wave was opaquely conducted, they could not control me without a hallucinogenic drug, which was the only way to dominate me in those days.


However, I completely stopped smoking after nearly dying from the overdose, which used to be the easiest way to drug me. They put a drug occasionally to my food and drink as well, but it was quite difficult to continue as I drove a long-range every day, which required them to choose different places to drug me with a manipulation to visit its trapped place.


On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave became stronger and also I heard unrecognizable voices which made my life more delusive.


I experienced many delusion in those days and still remembered some of them, but the majority of them were not a truth. For example, I fought with the spies in April 2013 when I had a confidence that I suck down some of those. However, I was not sure I had been doing the same since then, as I felt like I was just manipulated to struggle with them.


Then, I tried to forget what we discussed in those days, even though there were many intriguing points to share, but I assumed the majority of them were results of their manipulation and fake. I was so maneuvered not to tell the truth from the lie.


That was one of the original intentions that they conducted this operation, as there were many confessions of the spies who conducted an illegal operation including murders, which could be obscured as well when I was placed under the delusion later on, as it made me quite hard to construe the right conclusion from the electromagnetic conversation in the past as well.


There was another fundamental intention of the spy that some of them apparently used me to uncover the crimes conducted by their colleagues. There were many motivations intermingled in those missions, which was eventually quite hard to tell, as I was so delusive in the end.


In any way, I could not what the truth was in those days and I just lived in the life to face seriously with the lie.


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