3-163 [Unrecognizable voice]: Two types of the voices delivered directly to the brain, recognizable and unrecognizable

I had still heard the voices directly into the brain, though it was changed to unrecognizable ones, while it had been recognizable voices until then, meaning I could have identified who they were, especially some of those I had known for some time.


The unrecognizable voice was heard pretty much in the same way as my inner voice in the brain, though it was actually not mine as well, which could be differentiated by the dialect. My way of speaking Japanese was a unique mix of several dialects, which meant that it was quite hard to find someone to pronounce exactly like mine.


That was one of the ways to tell, as some unrecognizable voices spoke standard Japanese with words which I never used. That was the reason why I realized that it was not my internal voice.


It also implied that I had been hearing those unrecognizable voices for a long time and just perceived it was one of my internal thought. However, I had heard recognizable voices for months so that I realized there was another type of the voices delivered directly into the brain.


This unrecognizable voice cannot fully control a behavior of the subject, but it is always one of the options to follow suits.


On the other hand, the recognizable voice can control the target, if this individual believes it is a voice of the god. It sounds exactly like a revelation of the god, though it is a voice of the operative as a matter of fact.


The latter operation had not worked at all for me, and contrarily, I noticed some of the operatives, which made their operation confused as their identities were revealed more than assumed.


The unrecognizable voice could have been differentiated just in the way of speaking or the content, therefore it was quite hard to tell who they were. Moreover, it was quite hard to tell theirs from my inner voice as well, which made me confused whether the presented conclusion was mine or not.


That was another reason why I lost my dominance over the electromagnetic conversation directly through the brain. I was able to control them when I understood who they were, but if not, it was quite hard to maneuver their way of thinking. The timing of the waves was the main reason I lost my advantage, but it was not the sole reason for the new environment.


My thought came to be more manipulated by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence as a result, but I still did not know how to counter them.


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