3-186 [Sleeping disorder]: My sleep was deprived by the noise and electromagnetic wave operation

The noise also kept continued as usual even after moving to the new place. My room was located on the second floor and there was nothing more above its level, though the noise came from the ceiling of my room.


I tried to find out the cause, but I gave up eventually as I could not find a true problem to clarify what is going on. My alternative countermove was to endure it.


It continued irrelevant to the day or night but was not sounded 24 hours a day in those days. It was made at the timing when I become annoyed the most, indicating that the noise operation was linked to the electromagnetic wave. This was totally new, as those two operations were separately conducted in the past, meaning that the operation started to be commanded by the same field officer.


My sleep became too irregular due to this operation in the end. I was not able to sleep and spent the most of my days in the bed, just doing nothing with hearing the noise.


We can sleep even under whatever conditions if we become tired enough. I knew it through the torture in the past, hence I was not panicked from the sleep deprivation and there was no apparent symptom from it. Having said that, my life was quite limited as I should stay in the bed to sleep when possible.


They also came to realize that I could not fall in this operation, hence they started to wake me up intentionally. My past problem until then was that I could not sleep, but they shifted their operation to deprive my sleep. I have been a subject of this operation for several years until now, and I could sleep normally a few times in a year.


There were less than 10 times that I slept through the night and woke up normally in the next morning in the last 4 years. I have woken up averagely 3 times a day, which kept me sleepy all the time. I wrote this under the insufficient sleep, but all of these were basically written under the same state.


Although, the sleep deprivation was much harsher in those days as I had no idea how to counter their operation. I often could not sleep and could not sleep again once wake up.


I tried to find a countermeasure, but there was no good idea hit upon that I was so suffered in those days.


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