3-185 [Living in a gaslighitng]: They tried hard to make me fight back for the arrest as a battery

The gaslighting kept continued even after I moved to the new place. There were often several kids making a noise outside the room, but I could not tell whether it was originally like that or induced by the Japanese police intelligence. I was still sensible enough not to ask them why, though that kind of minor issues became a burden to my daily life.


Having said that, there was a high school student standing in a small farm field, holding a bat when I walked through the adjacent street. He was just standing out there having a lighted mobile phone at the other hand, indicating that he just got an instruction from the mobile.


The gaslighting is an operation to show up and confront you suddenly for the intimidation or harassment, or they even swear you at the same time. If this operation is continued, you eventually cannot tell what is on purpose and what is accidental, which aggravates your paranoia.


If this state gets worse, some of us are going to attack others manipulated by this delusion. This kind of the operations has been conducted around me for a long time.


I also cannot tell whether they are intentional or not, but my behavior keeps a legal code as I have been accustomed to it in the end. I just tried my best not to be bothered by any of them, irrelevant to its purpose.


However, there are many operatives apparently coming near to me for the intimidation, which is quite annoying. In the most of these cases, their actions are categorized as a crime, even they followed an order of the police’s instruction. On the other hand, the police has no intention to arrest them, so that I sometimes countered them with an eccentric behavior.


I was just looked like controlled by the dangerous delusion, and it was actually partly true, hence they ran away from me as they were so worried of the uncertainty. In the end, they are less likely coming near to me intentionally for the intimidation.


They have recurred a gaslighting for many years as a job, but my behavior should be different from others, as I had been tortured and they attempted assassinations several times until then. It is still bothering, but they could not damage my mental just by this operation.


Moreover, I am also accustomed to my eccentric behavior, as I have experienced the real one many times due to the electromagnetic wave and the drug they doped me. That was why I lost my embarrassment and I could do whatever to drive them out, as far as the methodology is legal.


On the other hand, my emotion became irregular quite often due to the electromagnetic wave manipulation and my extreme aggression might have exploded in a dangerous way. I sometimes lost my confident to contain it, so that I got away from anyone when it became too irregular. I have attempted many plots to avoid an illegal conduct.


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