3-187 [Aggravated electromagnetic operation]: I became an easier target after settled down to the single place

I was not able to sleep not just due to the noise, but also to the electromagnetic wave as well. I have heard a voice 24 hours a day, as the operatives conducted the electromagnetic operation in shifts. The human being has been necessarily deployed to this manipulation, as the human brain is used as a medium to read and send the voice.


My thought has been read from the outside, hence the operative can easily control a timing of the noise. In the past, these two operations were separately conducted, though these have been linked, implying to be done under the same field commanding officer.


The gaslighting was also executed in the same manner that the timing was basically controlled by the electromagnetic wave. However, they were not necessarily 100% linked, indicating that the information was told to the outsourced private investigators, but they still had a free hand as a contractor.


My emotion got too extreme quite often, as the CIA and Japanese police intelligence maneuvered it through the electromagnetic wave which could easily escalate an irritation or explode an aggression. After a while, my negative feeling was naturally increased, which was also extremised to detest myself by the wave.


There was too much anxiety as well, which was not just created by the radiowave, but by the endless torture. Their goal was to eliminate me, which was achievable after I was mentally devastated so that they employed multiple tactics actually to have my condition worse day by day.


I managed to survive under this situation, as I fully realized that all the emotional disturbance was caused by the electromagnetic wave, not naturally mine.


Otherwise, I should have accepted an allegation of the crime which I have never committed due to their coercion or I might have assaulted someone physically with desperation. Those were one of their eliminative goal they long targeted so that I made up my mind not to be entrapped by their intention.


That resolution was the only reason I am still alive in this world and all I could had been just to live, as I could not control my behavior and emotion by myself. I managed to avoid conducting any illegal behavior, which was the last threshold and I could not care how shameful I looked.


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