3-87 [Availing children for their ops]: Quite effective to let a subject down, but hurting a future being of those children

The children were mobilized in the Japanese smaller island as well. They were basically availed when I was in Tokyo or home, but they worked as a part-time private investigator or family member of the police officer. In the Southeast Asia, the intelligence agencies hired children for their gaslighting.


This plot has been actually functional as we cannot confront them directly when harassed by them. The spy can frame a subject an unethical person if fighting back against them so that the mental dilemma and stress is escalated under this operation.


Although, it is quite bad for a future of these children as they should assume this kind of harassment is acceptable in the society.


When coming back to Japan from the Southeast Asia in a few months, their mobilization of children became systematic. Moreover, it was easier to avail them in the smaller island, as their teachers were also outsiders of the island, not hired locally, staying there for several years.


As a result, their profile has become more similar to the police officers. I have assumed more reason why they collaborated with the intelligence job, but in any way, it was much easier to gain a support from them than from the local people.


That was why the children were systematically employed for the gaslighting in the smaller islands. They have had basically no idea what part they assumed in the operation, but most of them had realized what they had done. For example, I saw many of them complaining against me as they were mobilized early in the morning.


They could not decline it as they were not old enough and they were mobilized by their teacher. They more or less had realized its order was quite wrong, but there was no choice but to follow.


This mobilization fundamentally hurts their growth. Their sense of good or bad is still fragile and a bad example apparently affects their future morality. It was ordered by the teachers hence they could assume it as really a bad example, but not always.


There was a systematic problem with the teachers, though I had no reason what it was. It might be because their wrongdoing was easily exploited, or the teachers’ union was one of the main to hunt me down. Otherwise, the police officers and teachers were so connected at the local level or the ministry of education ordered to do so as helping the police illegal operation.


The more problem was that these teachers were not ones to conduct a harassment, but they mobilized their students for the gaslighting and the children realized what they were doing almost always.


That was why I told many times for the police to stop avail those children, but they have still ignored continuously mobilizing them for their operation.


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