3-83 [Ops at Amami island]: I flew from Indonesian to Japanese islands

I came back to Japan from Indonesia at the end of 2012. However, I have decided to move around as it was expected that the same illegal operation should be continued when I went back home. In Indonesia, I hopped around many islands hence have decided to extend it in Japan as well, which sounded natural to me.


Then, I have decided to go to the Nansei islands from the north to south, starting from Amami Oshima island. There was no direct flight from Indonesia to Amami, hence I have transited in Osaka, though necessary to move from the Kansai airport to the Osaka airport.


I felt some kind of nostalgy, though just stayed there for a couple of hours. There had been many spies until I arrived at the Kansai airport, though it was changed that there were many police officers taking over a monitor against me.


I was so accustomed to being surrounded by the police officers, but this time was a little different that the private investigators had apparently conducted their operation together with the police. Their connection was hidden in the past, but the joint operation became apparent from then on. It also meant that the police department gave up the covert operation anymore, but decided opaquely to torture me.


When arriving at the Amami airport, I have realized why the operation was shifted like this. The scenery of this island was totally Japanese, completely different from Indonesia I previously visited and from Hong Kong where I formally lived.


That also meant there was no place to hide for the Western spies. I mainly stayed in the resort area of Indonesia, hence they had an asset network or were easy to find collaborators from the Western countries, but it was almost impossible to find them there.


Moreover, I went there in the winter of 2012, which was not a season for the tourist, hence even Japanese travelers were able to be easily spotted even though Amami Oshima was a relatively big island. That was why the Western spies could not conduct a spy mission in this area and I realized soon enough that the intimidation and torture had executed by the police officers and PIs.


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