3-72 [External control over your PC]: You can be digitally controlled to see a manipulative information

It has become already common to obtain an information through the internet, which also indicates the intelligence agency can control the information directly manipulating the net. For example, an algorithm of the search engine is cracked, they control the most available information to the public.


This information control can be personalized as well when your PC is externally maneuvered to show you a specific set of data. For example, you can be affected by bulk e-mails, even if you really know it is irrelevant in your deep mind.


There are actually several ways to conduct this plot, one of which is to avail a public company to send a skewed intelligence information. As far as it is not illegal, the company should cooperate with the intelligence or other investigate authorities. Moreover, they have no idea what it means hence they have no guilty conscious at all.


The agency has also created faked e-mails by their own. If this plot recurs, a target might be entrapped by the setup.


This control is progressed more to control a click of your mouth. Suddenly, the irrelevant popup appears on the screen, which you are likely to read without notice as far as you have not realized you are a subject of the intelligence operation.


There are many methodologies employed to place a selected information for the target to watch. When your PC is totally under control, the feedback is also gained, which gives the spy a vantage for the try and error until successful.


As a nature of the human being, every information is received as such, even if it is known to be a lie. If it is known to be a manipulation of the intelligence agency, you might be less affected but it is common that you start to think it might be real when exposing the similar information continuously. That is how the spy entraps you in the end.


It holds true to any individuals including socially influential figures who can be manipulated by the spy by this information control. When the intelligence organization controls a path and ingredient of the information, the target can be maneuvered remotely. This information control and manipulation are also the basic of spy operations.


This personalized methodology can be employed against multiple people at the same time, which might create more pressures on the administrative decision. This kind of skillsets is accumulated at the spy agency.


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