3-73 [Insightful visual information]: Picture tells a detail as well as the verbal delivery

The visual information also provides a critical information as well as the verbal. As a matter of fact, you can obtain lots of information from a background of the video and picture.


That is why the terrorists have taken their videos and pictures in front of the background which does not contain a secondary information. If not, their location is easily identified to be eliminated, which is a way to secure their safe house and territory.


The visual image can be taken from the satellite. The optical satellite imagery is the same as a picture or video, whose methodology is unique to the satellite but providing a usual visual image.


The radar satellite imagery requires an analysis, but it also creates an image of the target. The problem for these technologies are not just about its difficulty but also difficult to launch a rocket, which means the limited number of governments can just avail these.


There are many public corporations owning a satellite, but they are not countless that all the facilities should be under severe control of the government. It means they can use it for their business but quite difficult to run an illegal mission free from the government watch. At the same time, the critical intel can be used by the government in this system.


The visual image can be obtained by the spy plane, which had been the main methodology to monitor a target until the satellite became available, which is still actively used.


The drone is actually an alternative to this mode. The spy plane is restricted by the territorial sky, though there is a possibility that the small drone cannot be detected. This device is quite effective in the conflict zone, which can provide a detailed intel of the enemy’s deployment.


The imaginary information can be mixed up with the verbal intel, which might reveal a hidden truth. All the information is complementary each other, which might provide a critical insight into the further mission.


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