3-74 [Assault drone]: Drone strike is an inverse information flow from the information gathering

The visual imaginary is not just used for information gathering, but it is used for the operation proactively, the same as other modes. If necessary, they definitely strike a target directly from the visual intel, which is actually a common practice availed often at the conflict zone.


Generally speaking, an image from the satellite and spy plane is availed for the military mission. If the analysis provides there is a menacing facility of the enemy, it can be struck by the missile. This kind of intel can be obtained from the ground, but they can take a visual image from the above as well.


This attack can be exercised by the drone nowadays, which is often availed by the intelligence agency as well. The spy is not necessarily more dangerous than the military, but in any way, there are many cases that this device is often used out of the rule. They should keep this legal boundary which is set up by the democratic government represented by the people, but the democratic order should also create a problem sometimes.


This assaultive drone is an extension of the visual intel as it is a converse information flow from the information gathering, also running an operation on the same device. This is just unique at the point where the converse flow is only a strike, but the notion is the same as other operations.


The operation can be conducted in the ground for this case as well that the information is gathered by the drone, which is used for the ground operation. If the drone assault is categorized as an illegal in its region, the spy should prefer a ground operation to avoid a further conflict.


In any case, it is not the case that the intelligence agency is an organization to gather information. If they can get enough intel, there is a way to run an operation inversely, both of which are always paired. Contrarily saying, if the critical intel necessitates a counter operation, they should find out the way to go upstream the intel, which is also applicable to the case for the visual information.


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