3-75 [Political plot]: Spy has instigated many political uprising around the world

The political plot can be exercised in a large scale, such as an uprising which is often instigated by the intelligence organization.


Although, I have not understood its nature yet, whether it is conducted by the US official order or some of the CIA ranking officers decide its execution covertly. At least, the CIA has agitated many riots as organizationally around the world.


It is absolutely a fact that the CIA has instigated an uprising against other governments. I am pretty much sure that there are many CIA agents against my wording that it is not conducted by the CIA but executed by the rogue officers without any formal orders. They might assume the agency is not responsible as far as there is no official decision.


However, it actually does not matter to the people suffering from their operation. As far as the CIA operatives conduct an operation organizationally, it is an act of the CIA. Legally speaking, the responsibility is definitely at the CIA, along with a concept of the national indemnity.


This general responsibility holds true when some of the CIA team conduct an illegal operation. As far as it is plotted organizationally, the CIA cannot avoid a responsibility of the damage caused by the operation.


This responsibility becomes vague when the single rogue agent conducts an illegal operation, though he damage itself should be compensated by the CIA, indicating they have a legal liability. They also should accept a censure, but it is more likely a result that they have not managed their operatives properly.


Having said that, it is impossible to instigate a large-scale political plot just by a single rogue officer, which can be executed organizationally. Even if it is an unofficial mission, its responsibility should be held by the CIA. As you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to conduct an operation to affect a result of the election in some country by a single mastermind, as it is so complicated that the team is required to execute its mission.


If they believe more actions are required to continue their political strategy, they are not hesitant to choose an option of the assassination. The electromagnetic wave is quite capable of rendering the target harmless, quite often abused by the spy to change a political direction, including many murders. Those operations are not an extension of the information gathering, but it is still one of the main spy missions.


The CIA is the most powerful organization in the world to conduct this kind of operations, but some other spy agencies have a history and capability to run a large-scale political plot.


This type of the political operation has been conducted for thousands of years and there is no way to halt in the future as well, therefore it is indispensable to counter the intelligence political plot for thriving democracy.


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