3-76 [Mass murder]: Massacre creates a necessity of the intelligence presence, which is why the spy creates it

There are various standpoints for the political plot of the intelligence organization. It is not deniable that the dangerous tyranny can be eliminated by their covert mission, though it is quite a sensitive issue what level it is accepted as the right thing to do, which depends on each occasion.


However, there are many political operations apparently unnecessary, even causing more harm, which is absolutely unacceptable for the normal democratic countries.


When this is the case for the mass murder, the intelligence agency is so corrupted. This type of the operation should be employed in the long past as well to create a social unrest, but the brainwash and manipulation were not that easy, hence the focal was a little bit in the past different from now.


For example if they manipulated a public figure to commit a felony, it could create a perception that more security was necessary, which provided more power and budget to the agency. This type of stirring up should have been one of the normal protocols.


The spy can run this type of operation more covertly and widely when availing an electromagnetic wave. I have not found out yet when they started to cause a mass murder by the wave, but they have actually hired this methodology organizationally.


The start point is somehow critical as it indicates when they acquired a skillset to manipulate a target to kill others. Japanese intelligence should be lagged behind the CIA capability, though there was a time that strange mass murders had recurred for some time in Japan. It was necessary to try a dry run for a real operation, implying there were many people killed by the government which would like to accumulate a skillset of the brainwash.


Thereafter, many people have been killed due to create a social unrest by the intelligence community. I am pretty much sure that the government denies any responsibility, but they should admit it for the general public as they are basically elected democratically.


I assumed this type of the dry run, actually killing many people, was executed in the late 2000s. If my analysis is correct, the CIA tested their capability in the late 1990s or early 2000s. There is a large possibility that some of the famous mass murder can be created by the spy agency covertly to brainwash real physical offenders.


The electromagnetic wave was invented to manipulate a target, not for information gathering at all. The brainwave reading became available around a turn of the century, which is one of the ways for information gathering, though the wave is basically employed to maneuver an emotion and thought of the target. This functionality is escalated to cause a big crime by manipulating the subject, which is executed to create a social direction for favoring the spy organization.


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