3-169 [Concurrent physical operation]: It proves that there is an electromagnetic wave operation

There was a danger of life and death even in Japan, especially after my arrival to Hokkaido as the electromagnetic wave operation got conducted opaquely, while the physical operation was executed concurrently, which was another source of the threats.


The CIA assets played the main role at the radiowave operation in those days, partially because they were more advanced than the Japanese police intelligence and they held many operatives to have conducted this operation for a long time.


The police have also run this operation for decades, hence they also held many experienced officers, but they still would like to hide their capability to the politicians as it was not revealed how numerous they conducted this illegal operation both for the antipersonnel and antisociety.


There was another reason why I could tell some of the CIA assets that I had known them for many years before the operation, but I had almost no knowledge of the police officers, even if they ran an operation against me in the past.


Moreover, there was a fundamental problem at the Japanese police intelligence that their main assets were the left extremists or the criminal private investigators, whom the police still hid their mobilization in those days.


Those assets have been availed in the electromagnetic operation by the police intelligence and deployed for the operation against me later on. It was quite problematic as its revelation just meant that the police has utilized terrorists and criminals for their covert operation.


It is actually natural that the intelligence organization uses their asset base for their antisociety operation, those are originally criminals in the past before the assetization. The people other than intelligence community have been a lack of this reality and just do not know a true structure of the intelligence operation.


There were many PIs mobilized for the operation. I am still not sure how they were connected each other, but at least, I can basically tell them from the other population as they spoke like an espionage or criminal.


The majority of them were assumed to be sent from the other areas, but it was hard to tell as the local had no special accent when speaking Japanese in Hokkaido, which used to be one of the remarks to tell someone from an outside of the community.


Generally speaking, the PI can exist only in the urban area, as there are enough customers to support their business. The critical mass should be a population between 50,000 and 100,000 from my experience in many islands.


I often stayed at sparse areas in Hokkaido, which was why I could assume they were outsiders to the local society even if I could not tell them by their content of the conversation.


At the same time, the perpetrators were basically ill-minded which appeared in their face. It was basically quite difficult to hide a facial expression and the criminal looked always as such.


Having said that, it did not reveal what crimes they did in the past just by the look, but I just could notice who was dangerous. I came to realize that my facial recognition is quite capable not just to tell some types, but also remember them when watching them for a while.


They eventually realized that it was a danger to themselves that some of them had decided to wear a flu mask and sunglasses. It basically meant that they were compellingly mobilized by the police, but they would like to get away from my ability as they were worried to fall down in the pitfall.


It became more easily to identify that they had something to hide as a criminal, but I could not analyze who they were and what they had done, even though they were compelled to be there by the police, as I could not see their facial expression.


There were also many other people involved in the gaslighting, not just the authority and criminals.


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