3-44 [Monitor and wiretap]: Those are old schools of the spy methodologies, but still availed

The wiretapping and monitoring are categorized as an old school of the spy methodology, but it is still availed generally. It is necessary to understand a subject to be acquired as an asset, hence those approaches are a prerequisite.


There are many ways to wiretap a target, which is so various that the spy is likely to listen to any conversations if they want. For example, the concrete microphone is employed to eavesdrop a conversation taken place in the next room as its sounds can be captured by a vibration of the wall.


The directional microphone can capture a conversation in the room from a distance. I have heard a mix of those technologies to listen to the conversation from a distance through the vibration of the wall.


The spy can set up a bug in the room, which is a stable and general way for wiretapping, though it always requires a power source to transmit a signal. It is basically the same as a mobile phone that you cannot send data or a voice if there is not enough power left.


This reality compels them to set up a wiretap at the place where the power is available, such as an outlet. Moreover, there is a limitation of the distance transmitting a radiowave, which can be delivered several hundred yards, but not miles away.


Your traffic of the internet access is easily monitored. The spy can confirm what you watch remotely by the tempest, but your status is easily confirmed when the spy set up a trap in the application or cookie.


Sometimes, I am so wondered why the hacker can exist without notice by the government, as it is actually not a difficult task to the authority. It is still difficult to arrest them due to a necessity to prove they are guilty, which might require to catch them red-handed. However, it does not mean they have no idea of whereabout of hackers.


The spy can set up a bug in the PC as well and moreover can install a transmitter to control it or obtain an information. Your webcam might be controlled externally, which is used to monitor your life. This is actually easily avoided by masking it with a tape, as it is nearly impossible to avoid an external maneuver, however hard you take care.


Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to counter when something is installed in your PC physically, which has more space than the mobile, also with a battery, hence it is one of the most appropriate places to set up something inside.


On the other hand, the surveillance camera is not so simple. It is easy to monitor in and out of the building by the normal and infrared cameras, but it is hard to watch inside the room. I had been filmed from the place where my room is totally revealed, but that kind of place is limited to several, hence the monitoring place is also easily revealed.


When the camera is set up inside the room, which is definitely a place where they can maintain a power to send data. It means the spy can just install some of the places in the room, such as a sprinkler, emergency light, air-conditioner or lighting. Although, they can wire a camera from the upper and next room, which gives them more flexibility in terms of the location, though it requires a construction. In Japan, the central heating system is rare, so that it is also not used for monitoring inside the room.


Those technologies are availed not just for the assetization, but also a subject who cannot be cracked. Although, there is no big difference as they can either obtain an important information by those ways or use their surveillance information to gain a critical intel.


Those old school methodologies are still used, which will be used in the future as well even if the technology is advanced more.


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