3-43 [Thought manipulation]: It is so called a manipulation that the spy often employs

The thought manipulation is one the crucial methodologies to hire a target as an asset. This itself is a manipulation of the general term that the spy has developed their techniques to maneuver a thought of the subject even without the electromagnetic manipulation.


For example, the spy can control an information which the subject should receive when becoming one of the friends. This operation is meant to distort a thought toward a wrong direction by controlling input. As you can imagine, it is impossible to make the right decision if you are filled with distorted information and your life can be manipulated under this circumstance.


Even if you are difficult to be controlled by the emotional manipulation, you might be hired as an intelligence asset when mixed up with a thought manipulation. The spy makes tries and errors, mixing up various methodologies for the assetization. They actually research their target beforehand so that their selected operation is originally well prepared, but they should find another if their first plot goes south.


This thought manipulation should be employed for further operations. If it is hard to crack you to be hired as an asset, you might be induced to commit a crime or unethical conduct.


Simply saying, the spy comes near to become your friend to go out together for playing a gamble at the place where it is legally prohibited. The manipulation is usually more complicated, but it sometimes works in this simple plot. As a result of this operation, you should be asked to choose either becoming an intelligence asset or going to the jail.


The thought manipulation can be conducted just by the electromagnetic wave. This technology can affect your brain directly and you might listen either a clear voice or just a thought.


When it comes to the clear voice, the operation depends on whether you trust this voice or not. If you believe this is a message of the god, you just follow its order even to conduct a felony, which eventually renders you harmless at least socially.


On the other hand, when it comes to a thought rather than the clear voice, you might assume it is just an inner voice. Actually, the wording is definitely a little different from your original, hence you can realize something wrong, but it is nearly impossible to tell if you have no idea of the electromagnetic capability.


In this methodology, the spy often fails to control the subject, as its delivered thought is just one of the ideas in your brain, hence it is not necessarily chosen at the expected occasion. Therefore, it is necessary to spend lots of time to crack the subject who might change an opinion with a long-term manipulation.


This manipulation requires a time as it is less likely that the subject commits a felony so quickly even manipulated. The spy needs to escalate your behavior from the minor to major in the same manner that usual criminals have proceeded their crimes to the extreme. In this way, the electromagnetic manipulation is a special methodology though it is just an extension of the general operation.


This outcome, whether conducting a crime or not, depends on your ethical and legal code. Especially, the latter is important as it is not so general to keep the law, contrary to your misperception that you follow through. It is more common not to conduct a bad behavior, but it is different from to keep the law. The legal code does not necessarily coincide with your morality and there are illegal conducts which you assume OK in your ethical code.


However, if you conduct an illegal activity without notice by the manipulation, you might be hired eventually as an intelligence asset. Contrarily saying, as far as keeping this legal line, you are less likely to become assetized.


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