3-42 [Emotion control]: Emotion can be maneuvered to manipulate your decision

The emotion manipulation is one of the main areas of the electromagnetic wave operation, but this maneuver itself is predated and there are other methodologies without the wave. For example, the good cop and bad cop is meant to manipulate an emotion of the subject, eventually to control the whole behavior.


It is efficient to control the emotion starting from the sleep restriction which is actually quite easy as it can be deprived just by making a noise outside of the room. If you have not enough sleep, you are likely to become sick mentally, which is the state that the spy takes advantage of, for the assetization.


When the gaslighting is added on top of it, their mental should be more categorized as a disease. Especially, it is one of the common symptoms to feel targeted by someone, hence it is quite difficult to tell whether it is a real harm or paranoia. The gaslighting really exists, but the subject has already become so sick mentally as a result, which can be misdiagnosed as a paranoia, which is actually an intention of the spy.


If you are diagnosed with a disease, you cannot endure a real harm you have experienced. Eventually, you might be really broken mentally, but moreover, your feeling should become abnormal, easily to get angry or depressed. This emotional direction is defined by how you are manipulated by others, which makes you more vulnerable to the assetization.


However, their target might not hire you as an asset, but render you harmless by the metal illness. If that is the case, the spy has sneaked into your network to manipulate you within the arm’s length.


The electromagnetic wave is a champion of the emotional control. As far as your brainwave is cracked, your various emotion is maneuvered from the outside. The primary emotion is so simple and it is easily controlled, which includes a sexual arousal, aggression, fear and others.


The control over emotion is one of the assetization methodologies. If your decision is more based on the emotion, you might commit a crime just by enhancing an aggression. In the end, you should be asked to choose whether working for the spy or going to the jail.



This emotional control is more radicalized to manipulate you committing a felony, which is often beyond the assetization. In the most of the cases, the spy can just control a direction, such as just becoming too aggressive, hence the outcome is not easily controlled, which means the social elimination is originally one of their expected goals.


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