3-65 [Sudden death]: Electromagnetic wave can kill a target on the spot

The spy can kill a subject with a sudden cause by the electromagnetic wave, which is treated as a death from illness but actually an assassination.


If you are dead after a long-term illness, your death cannot be categorized as a sudden death. The electromagnetic wave can create a permanent disease eventually causing a death, which has been already known that some of the serious diseases can be created by the wave and some of which are fatal.


These diseases can be unintentionally created by the intelligence operation. They initially plan to manipulate you by the electromagnetic wave, but it affects in another way to create a permanent illness, sometimes ended up with a death. Just in case, the spy knows this possibility in advance, hence their action should be categorized as an intentional, even if their original plan is not to cause a death.


The spy also causes you an illness intentionally. In any way, a degree of the disease is out of control of the operative, which might be ended up with a recovery or death.


On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave can create a death from a sudden cause, such as the brain stroke. This outcome is more immediate than killing a target after creating a permanent disease.


The sudden death can be triggered by a heart failure as well. The electromagnetic wave can create an irregular pulse and angina for every one of us. This symptom just appears while the wave is irradiated, which does not cause a permanent problem.


However, some of us might be dead by this seizure. If you are killed during the sleep by this irradiation, nobody knows how it happens. It is a true sudden death, but this heart failure and brain stroke are sometimes fatal triggered by the ultra-long wave irradiation.


There is one issue related to this problem that the victim of heart failure has a tendency to cause its problem originally. It holds true to the stroke that the victim has a trait originally to suffer from it. In this way, it is quite hard to differentiate how the death is created: i.e. hard to find a trace of the electromagnetic wave.


Having said that, it is quite rare for the younger generation to cause a death from these problems. It that is the case, the probability is increased that the death is actually created by the wave.


In this way, the radiowave operation has a capability to kill a target from a sudden death, which might be plotted intentionally and sometimes unintentionally as a byproduct of the spy manipulative operation. In any way, the operative is responsible for those murders, even though it looks a death from the illness.


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