3-64 [Drive to a death]: Electromagnetic wave can trigger a traffic accident

The spy can kill a target by the traffic accident, which is one of the common methodologies of the physical elimination. The death might be caused unintentionally as a result of the operation to hire the subject as an asset because it is more difficult to control a degree of the accident than to stage a traffic accident.


For example, if you run a car at sixty miles per hour when you are staged for the accident, it is difficult for you to avoid an accident but also hard to control a degree of the outcome. That uncontrollability holds true to the intelligence operative that they could not control the extent of damage, even if successfully triggering an accident.


Therefore, the spy has considered the possibility to render you harmless physically even if the operation is meant to hire you as an asset. If not, it is hard to stage an accident which is eventually serious enough to kill some of those involved.


This is one of the problematic points to avail a traffic accident for the operation. If the spy sets up an accident just to hire you as an asset, the accident might be minor though it can be avoidable at the scene. On the other hand, if it is too serious, you cannot be hired as an asset, which implies the physical elimination should be an option from the scratch.


It is possible to prevent yourself from an accident when you are a driver that you should drive a car to avoid any dangers. It is not just meant to avoid any violations, but always keep a distance from the car in front. Ignoring a traffic flow just to focus on protecting yourself from any harms, you can reduce a risk from the accident.


However, the assassination can be plotted by another car, which is actually hard to avoid. If your car is collided from behind at a tremendous speed, there is no way out for you. Furthermore, if this driver is manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, it is nearly impossible to prove the accident is a result of the intelligence operation.


This electromagnetic influence can appear while you are driving. It is basically a control over your emotion that you might drive a car recklessly if your aggression is enhanced by the radiowave. If you are lured by another reckless driver under the emotional control of the wave, you might competitively drive dangerously which is ended up with an accident.


There are several other methodologies to trigger a problem, one of which is to lose your concentration. You actually cannot tell a meaning of the signal, green or red when the wave deprives your concentration, which increases a probability to cause an accident.


The electromagnetic wave can be used for other ways, such as maneuvering your hands to control a handle. You might pass out while driving, which can be often ended up with a significant accident. I am pretty much sure there have many cases actually triggered by the electromagnetic wave, but it has been never proved that the accident is manipulated as such. For the time being, this is assumed to be one of the perfect crimes.


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