3-7 [Hidden electromagnetic wave]: It was definitely one of the methodologies for communication in those days

I communicated with spies in secret coding from the end of 2011 to the next spring in Hong Kong. However, it was changed to the normal conversation with them, sometimes through the wall to the next room or the ceiling to the upper.


Although, there was still a communication through a spam mail or internet access control. Precisely saying, they employed this methodology and I talked to them directly through the bugs. There were many wiretappings in the room, even on my PC, and surveillance monitors as well, therefore I did not need to avail a strange way to insist my opinion.


This was a default in the past, essentially speaking by myself, though I was able to get some reactions from my surrounding rooms.


After all, they employed this methodology not to leave any traces and it is quite hard to prove they were there unless any governments admit their involvement. There are proofs of transmitters set up on my PC, though it cannot verify who was responsible. There were thousands of witnesses, but I am sure nobody would like to support me against the CIA.


They were a little different from the Japanese police intelligence, as they left many pieces of evidence that they were involved. At the end of the day, they are one of the police departments in Japan, therefore they are basically responsible for an investigation against the police organizational crimes, meaning they could ignore any pieces of evidence easily.


Or, they had a confidence to control all over Japan and did not assume their political plots and assassinations were uncovered like this.


Having said that, I could not get all of the meanings of the spy subtle communication without any helps. Even if I decoded 70% of them, there were many others which I did not understand what it meant. There has been definitely a help from the electromagnetic wave, which can send a message directly to the brain. That was why I could understand what it means correctly through the coding message of spies.


It also implied that the radiowave was definitely used to control my emotion in those days as well. I often felt an unnecessary anxiety, which was driven by the electromagnetic manipulation at the same time with enhancing a negative feeling.


It was natural to become abnormal mentally when deprived the sleep, tortured and drugged, but my anxiety was more extraordinary to think about a suicide quite often. There were a plenty of unnecessary negative emotions which were created by the electromagnetic wave.


Although, I had no idea of the electromagnetic manipulation, hence I could not differentiate the inner feeling from the external creation, hard to tell which was which, even looking back those days. I had just lived an unrealistic inner life without noticing that there is a methodology to affect the brain directly from the outside.


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