3-8 [Set-up meetings]: All the meeting was manipulated by the CIA

I went back to Hong Kong for a transition to Singapore, as it was necessary to reconnect myself to the industry to find out available positions. Some of the meetings were already set up while I was in my hometown and some others were added after those meetings. All in all, I tried to gather information as much as possible to construct the future vision.


During this course, I had heard a Japanese insider story of the insider trading investigation in 2012. The conversation occurred in that November and the formal investigation was almost done, but some of the spies believed it was necessary to go further in this case.


As you can imagine, I had been fully monitored and my conversation was sometimes sent up directly to the top. They knew this system so that this opportunity was exploited to their case against the insider trading in Japan. Actually, those stories I heard were too crazy not to be prosecuted, but they were exempted from the legal case.


I did not directly talk to the CIA officers who determined to discuss this issue, hence I had no idea what they thought, but they would like to catch them really. It also implied those bogus fund managers were CIA assets, impossible to pursue them from the different operation line.


This conversation also indicated that the CIA was not unanimous for each event and they sometimes challenged an authority sneakily in their ways.


There were also meetings directly talking to the spy, one of those I never met before and an appointment was made by him. I instantly realized he was a spy as he had no knowledge of the financial industry in terms of the system and people.


There were also other meetings full of scared friends. I had no idea who threatened them, but I recognized some of them were compelled to cooperate with the CIA. In those occasions, they were often controlled remotely for the specific questions, and it was one of them.


Another usual protocol was to make an excuse when not seeing spies in their sights and it also took place at that time as well.


All in all, I had prepared for the next step to meet with lots of people, though the intelligence community would like to keep me in Hong Kong as there were a plenty of opportunities there, but none in Singapore. I was always said that I would get an open position once it became available.


I had no idea why they preferred Hong Kong, but they might have thought that it was easier to hire me as an asset if I decided to stay there. Or it might have been a neutral zone to the CIA and the Chinese intelligence.


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