3-9 [Looking for way out]: I believed I could be freed if completing all of their setups

After all, there was no position available to me in Singapore at that time, though many people told me that I would be notified when the position was open to the market. That was why I was still optimistic about the future and I could have been back to the industry sooner or later.


The issue was what I should do from then on. I fully realized there was no opportunity at least at that time in Singapore, hence there was no meaning to go there. Although, it was also not practical to live in Hong Kong surrounded by many spies.


I had no idea when they would attempt again to assassinate me and it was too dangerous to expose myself to ill-minded lurked in the intelligence community. Moreover, I had been severely tortured, which should demolish my mental if staying there further. I needed to find the way out.


Although, there was another reason I should stay there more, as all the meeting had not been completed yet. The last one was a meeting with individuals including several spies and they sounded like to set it up as a time limit for me to become one of them.


I had absolutely no idea to become a spy and it was necessary to go through their operation till the end though the reality was harsher. The spies believed they were lions to execute whatever they wanted. They escalated tortures against me and I came to live almost with unconscious all day long.


That was because my sleep was deprived as a result of the torture, but I was also drugged again. This life was the same I experienced one year before, which was disastrous to me.


My symptom and mental was recovered from the day before a meeting with non-spies, otherwise I was totally out of normal. It was not just losing my sense, but also losing my normal being. It was highly likely that my anxiety was enhanced due to the electromagnetic manipulation. After all, they had had many methodologies to crack me down, not hesitant to use them semi-publicly.


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