3-6 [Spy joint operation]: Their joint operation cannot be controlled by any governments

It became apparent that the CIA was fully involved in any operations conducted beforehand after they asked me to join one of them. I thought it was just the Chinese intelligence that had availed the room on the upper floor, though I came to know that there were many nationals in and out.


Furthermore, I heard several complaints from the next room with a perfect British accent. There were Chinese families formally lived in, though it was just availed for the spy operation at least when I was back to Hong Kong.


In the past, they disguised their true identity of this operation, but they were not bothered anymore just to show it was a joint operation of the global intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, including Japanese and Chinese intelligence organizations.


Then, I was able to confirm that this joint had been conducted for a long time. I saw some of the foreigners at the sightseeing area of my hometown, who talked about me in Chinese or was swearing me in American English. They had fully collaborated for a long time.


The assassination attempt against me or the prolonged torture had been a result of this collaboration. The crime instigations and oppression to create a false confession were also a result of this joint operation, which meant that this started a long time ago, not just for a year. Although, I still had no idea why I become one of their severe targets.


They had worked together like this, but still, each organization had conducted independent operations as well. For example, the Japanese police intelligence executed a part of the whole orchestration, though conducted their own outside of this framework. It was a result of the reality that they set me as a target independently, though they were fully involved in the joint operation as well.


They had eventually asked me to join, hence there was no way to hide that it was originally a joint operation. They had realized this strategy would not work later on therefore they kept torturing and drugging me driven to the verge. All of them became bad cops and did not hide the true nature of this joint. The CIA started to proceed their agenda opaquely, supported by MI6, Chinese and Japanese intelligence in Hong Kong.


The spy multinational joint operation is too dangerous for anyone as there is no government to stop their operations. The US government has no capability to control the Chinese intelligence and the Chinese cannot touch the CIA, which means their joint operation is apparently out of any government controls to pursue their own interest.


I have been deprived my sleep, tortured and drugged to spend all of my time with unconsciousness.


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