3-5 [Who are spies?]: I recognized many of them, some of those are my old friends

I was thinking about the spy on the next day when I was invited to become a lion, though I had no intention to become one of them, but finding out who the spies were around me.


Some of them had been agents until I met them and others were employed as such after I knew them. At the same time, I tried to find out how they were assigned to watch me over.


Fundamentally, Japanese cannot become a CIA officer but just hired as their asset, because the agency has a policy not to hire a foreigner as a proper. They are just controlled by the handlers. I at least found out several of them on that day.


On the other hand, there were several Americans who worked for the CIA, but I could not tell whether they were officers or assets, otherwise just to cooperate them at the specific occasion. Although, I realized some of them were proper CIA officers and some had just cooperated with them.


Then, I recognized some of MI6 officers and those who had cooperated with. This intelligence organization used to hire just from the elite schools, hence those who graduated from the same schools were availed to support their operation. They were more like temporary collaborators, though I realized there were many of them as such around me.


I recognized some of them working for the Japanese police intelligence. I could not differentiate whether they worked as an undercover or they were private investigators hired by the police, though I was pretty much sure they were deployed to monitor the situation, especially about mine.


I could have confirmed many spies around me since 2000 at that time, because I had not realized yet that I had been one of their targets until then and I misunderstood that I became one of their severe targets in the 2000s.


There were also other PIs who did not work for the Japanese police intelligence. I had no idea whether they were independent originally or paid by some agencies, but they were there.


Recollecting a memory of the meeting where they mentioned that the spies are lions who can do whatever they want, I realized he was controlled remotely. It might be an electromagnetic wave, but I had not known it yet and just thought his talk was controlled through the phone or the people surrounding us at that night. As a reality, the police has employed that methodology, sending a text message to the mobile phone, to control my acquaintances for the interrogation.


Then, I realized there was one of my old friends at the other side of this control, who was a PI, eventually called as a black traveling bird. I thought he was not a professional spy, but working as a contractor for the CIA.


There were several others who I was quite familiar with as I heard their voices from the upper room which was availed as the operational hub. There were more people working for the spy than I thought, though I had no idea to become one of them. I thought it was better to endure the torture for the time being and there should be a great future beyond that.


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