3-4 [Spy invitation]: I declined it but started to think why so many spies around me

I was asked to become their spy many times when I was back to Hong Kong. I was fully monitored by the Japanese police in Japan, which might be the reason why I was not invited there. There was another reason why I was invited to their organization as there were lots of people who had become a spy for a long time ago, who I have known for a long time.


This lion story was one of the invitations, which was plotted to temp me into a spy to leverage the existing relationship.


As a matter of fact, their strategy is totally the same as terrorists or extremists, who has availed the personal relationship to expand their members. The spy organizations have severely watched extremist activities, hence they might employ the terrorist strategy for their own use.


Or, the spy originally has created this procedure to acquire an asset from the extremist organization. Those assets have copied this methodology, which might be the reason why the terrorist have employed the same methodology systematically.


However, they did not understand the reality of myself that I did not trust anyone that much. It does not mean I did not trust others, but I did not trust any opinions claimed even by the trusted people.


The authority is not a source of the righteousness, hence I should check pros and cons of any opinions mentioned by anyone. The logic or implication matters more than who says it to me, implying it is impossible to hire me as a spy with leveraging a personal trust.


However, their usual options became limited as their faked claim had been revealed as such to lose their trust from other investigators. They could not press a false charge that I was involved in the illegal transaction including an insider trading, and they could not leverage their faked intel to create a false confession with torturing.


They raised some of the names whom I thought they were of my friends and asked me to become a spy not to press a charge against them. Although, it was nonsense to me as I was not involved in any and I just had a sense that they made a crime, but I had no evidence on theirs as well.


Contrarily, I had realized they were originally one of them to think about how they behaved in the past, as some of them actually played a part to instigate me for the illegal activity which I all declined.


Their next step was to let me think it should have been easy to become a spy as there have been a plenty of them around me. Their thought was actually valid that I thought it was easy to become one of them, though I had no intention to be.


That was not just because the lion story was crazy, but also the job was not attractive at all to me.


In any way, they asked me at many occasion to become a spy, but there was one reason why they could have done this for many times that they hid a true identity of the operation which had been actually conducted for decades. I did not realize this fact yet, but I would not have talked to them if they had revealed this truth.


At that time, the Chinese intelligence had still played a bad cop to conduct tortures and the CIA and other intelligences had assumed a good cop to help me out. That was their plot and I still believed it somehow, though the doubt became bigger after hearing the lion story.


Simultaneously, I started to think why there were so many spies around me and when this situation had begun.


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