3-3 [Spy is a lion]: Spy believes they can abuse ordinary people as we are sheep

I had prepared many meeting before I went back to Hong Kong and actually met lots of people out there. There was one guy who clearly mentioned he became one of them and told me to join the spy organization.


He said that the spy came to oppress him to make a false confession that I was involved in the illegal transaction. He had been threatened for many times by them, though he was strong enough not to follow through. For a while, they gave up a threat and offered him to become a spy, which he accepted eventually.


I really thought he would not be threatened by the spies, though I had a question in my mind why he accepted an offer to become one of them.


It was actually one of the procedures that the spy have employed an asset. The threat is one of the plots to create a spy, though the flattering is an alternative way to tempt a target in. In his case, the bad cop confronted at first to create a false charge against me, but he declined the cooperation, hence the good cop suddenly showed up to hire him as a spy.


Whatever he thinks, he was fallen by the CIA operation to acquire an asset.


There is an additional issue in this story; he claimed that the spy is a lion. The spy lion helms the food chain in this world, to rule sheep under their sovereign, i.e. the ordinary people.


He continuously mentioned that there was no meaning to live as a sheep and I should have become one of the lions. The lion had the capability to conduct whatever they wanted and that was why the spy was free to do anything. He told me I should have become one of them to enjoy a freedom. He sounded like to speak as he was said so under the command of someone others.


I had no idea why they believed I would have become one of them by this persuasion. Is it general that we become a spy with this sales talk? As far as I know, the human is a human and there is no lion and sheep amongst us.


The spy actually has lived like a lion at the top of control chain to abuse others, the ordinary people like us, but I cannot get why it is enjoyable to interlude a life of others. I cannot get why they have believed they have a right to deprive a freedom of others, even if they have the capability to do so.


It was my question and I had not got any answers from them. At least, they were not able to answer any when I confronted at that time. They tried to persuade me from a different direction how interesting to control others, but I totally did not get any direct answers and they did not have any.


It might be a coincidence, but their boss, CIA director was fired on the very next day, which I knew when I woke up in the morning of Hong Kong time.


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