3-155 [The operation conducted anywhere]: I started to move around, but the operation was expanded as well

I had been in east Hokkaido until then, even though my whereabout was expanded from just Abashiri after renting a car, while the CIA and Japanese police intelligence had conducted a gaslighting wherever I went.


At first, I moved around the area looking for the ski slope still open to the public, which was why they could easily prepare an operation at the exact spot. However, I needed to find something different as almost all of the mountains were closed until the middle of April.


I had slightly expanded my radius of action, though still stayed at the hotel I was familiar with in the first few months. My destination was further expanded to anywhere in the Hokkaido island sized more than eighty thousand square kilometers, though I was targeted anywhere.


The electromagnetic operation was so opaque that I fully realized that my whereabout was easily manipulated, but I managed to outwit them; for example, I decided my destination suddenly instinctively. It actually did not work and the operation was prepared wherever I went and they could prepare it at once even if I was successful to behave not as they wanted.


Eventually, I gave up to disturb them as my behavior was perfectly read by the electromagnetic wave. In any way, they did not attempt an assassination after the failure of a couple of severe traffic accidents, even though their gaslighting was too harsh from the general standpoint.


Even when I thought thoroughly where to eat to outwit them, the spy was there beforehand, which I was pretty much sure as the shop owner sometimes told me as such. It was definitely an order of the police, but the most of them were not happy with a cooperation for the illegal conduct, and moreover, some of them were so mad to tell me who the spy was.


The Japanese police should reconsider their way of conduct to force the general public mobilized to their operation, as they could not decline it even if it was too stupid. Some of them were so devastated when witnessing a harassment and intimidation conducted at their shop.


This kind of gaslighting was often executed on the street as well while driving. They often tailgated, jumped in front or done many dangerous behaviors, but I managed to avoid an accident as I extremely cared for the safety. However, I felt a danger all the time as it was quite hard for me to contain the emotion due to the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


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