3-154 [The operation loosened up]: Spy retreated a little after a month long electromagnetic operation

I continuously interrogated the spies contrarily even after the drug dose was intensified. I got to know many illegal operations conducted by them, though I could not tell their authenticity as I was so hallucinated.


For example, there were many stories about their crimes including terrorist acts, which was a truth that they conducted many unforgivable missions even related to the serious terrors. However, I could not tell correctly how much they were connected to the case; i.e. it was a fact that they were wrong but I could not tell who exactly ran those illegal missions.


All I could tell was that there were lots of people to make a confession that they committed a crime, even though it had not been prosecuted yet. On the other hand, I could not confirm whether each operative had conducted each mentioned case, as I had no proof of those.


It does not mean they did not commit a crime, but just I had no way to prove it. I had raised many points how to verify their crime and to find the evidence through the conversation as well, therefore the police should have investigated it if correctly functioned.


There were police officers and CIA agents who really would like to uncover the crimes conducted by their colleagues. At first, my counterparts were operatives gathered up to crack me down but they had fallen to make a crime confession, and then, there were other parties to join an electromagnetic operation to investigate the crimes conducted by their own organizations.


I knew some of them originally, but there were many people I had not known of. In any way, these criminal officers were interrogated not just by me but by their colleagues as well to find out the real perpetrators.


I was pretty much sure that there were many people sucked down during the electromagnetic operation, but still, I could not confirm each case, partially because they created another delusion of mine that the previous interrogation was just a lie to obscure the truth from me.


These operations were continued through April in 2013, and eventually, the electromagnetic influence became weakened around the end of the month. It was so obvious that there was no way to let me down, but their problems were more uncovered as the time went on.


I had no idea why those operatives were just called in for this operation as the outcome was just their psycho breakdown after admitting their involvement in their crime, especially for murder cases. That was nothing good to the operative who had conducted illegal operations.


I thought that was why they loosened up their radiowave operation. I had heard a voice 24 hours a day for a month and been drugged quite often, but the situation became better. Then, I thought the operation might be halted sooner or later.


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